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Dr. Xtine Milrod, PhD
519 N La Cienega Blvd
Suite 209
West Hollywood, CA 90048
United States ( USA )
Telephone: (310) 281-9658
Sees patients
Sees patients for the following conditions
Male: Sexual Psychological Counseling, Disorders of Ejaculation and Orgasm
Female: Disorders of Orgasm, Disorder of Desire (HSDD), Sexual Psychological Counseling
Transgender: Transgender Psychological Counseling
Years in field
Telehealth Appointments Available
Short biography
I work with individuals or couples of any gender or orientation who seek help for sexual relationship issues. These issues are not limited to, but include arousal and orgasm, sexual desire, compulsive sexual behavior, masturbation issues, premature or delayed ejaculation, pain during sexual activity and psychological issues around monogamy, infidelity, boredom and wanting a change in one's sexual repertoire. The goal is often increased eroticism, heightened intimacy, and decreased anxiety during sex. My aim is for you to overcome the problems that result from negative feelings and behaviors and to achieve your full sexual potential. I specialize in sex therapy and psychotherapy with an emphasis on human sexuality, evolutionary psychology, sexual and gender identities, and dealing with socially constructed gender roles. I also work with transgender issues and sex work/sex industry issues, both on behalf of clients and sex workers. I am certified by WPATH and can help with access to care. My clients are often men who have been branded by others as "sex addicts;" I also have clients who buy and sell sexual services, as well as couples who want to work with someone non-judgmental when it comes to alternative, non-monogamous lifestyles or kink identified folx.
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