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Mxs. Lindsay Matthews-Naumann, LMSW, CST
RISE Resilient Inclusive Sexual Health Education and Therapy
2601 Jackson Ave
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
United States ( USA )
Sees patients
Sees patients for the following conditions
Male: Sexual Psychological Counseling
Female: Sexual Psychological Counseling
Transgender: Transgender Psychological Counseling
Years in field
Telehealth Appointments Available
Short biography
Clinically, Lindsay approaches therapeutic work from: a personable, feminist, strength based, queer, humanistic, sex positive perspective. This approach is backed by research driven interventions and education in the mental health and sexual health fields. Lindsay brings unique clinical strengths from her time at Michigan Medicine which enhanced her skills within the intersections of medicine, psychology and sexual health. Lindsay continues to advance these intersections by affirming the spectrum of human diversity, empowering individual expression, and intentionally tailoring treatment to the goals and desires of each client. Lindsay believes that sexual health is a part of your overall health. Further, Lindsay values sexual health and pleasure and sees both as human rights. Lindsay seeks to support folxs who are looking for positive changes in their sense of sexual self, as well as, their overall mental health. Lindsay gives back to the community through a few different channels; She provides education and training for: medical fellows, residents and students at the University of Michigan School of Medicine. These medical professionals are completing a transgender elective with a focus on the role of sexual health psychotherapy. She also currently serves on the Sexual Health Education Advisory Committee for the Ann Arbor Public Schools where she assesses curriculum for the school system’s sexual health education program.
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